3atal , A person that works at the airport and puts the luggage in the carriage while wearing a blue suit that indians most usually wear.
faisal help me with my luggage now
by yoman9191 September 04, 2011
Faisal is a arab terriost who thinks he is cool cause he works as a swim intructor at the YMCA. He think chicks crave but they hate him cause his face look like someone barfed. To be Faisal is the worst thing in this universe. You can spot a faisal in public when he says " Look at me" , "Is it free?" , " How much is it?" , " I been on that BEEN" ,
Someone : Whats your name?
Someone2 : My name is faisal but pronounced facial

Somone: You are a faisal ew.
by ChiefKeefVybzKartel December 19, 2012
kiss ass guy; a man who is always pretending that he knows everything but in reality, he is just a plain stupid guy.
Once again, you are acting like Faisal
by rhetoricchick November 23, 2010
1- The bone found in some snakes that aids the creature in no way. it is thus used to describe either that bone or something utterly useless.

2- a bag ( about 2 kgs heavy ) of pure giraffe feces. used to describe men with big heads.
1- Person 1: hey can you hold my ming vase?

Person 2: sure. OH NO I DROPPED IT!

Person 3: oh, damnt cuz, ur such a faisal!

2- Person 1: hey i cant see the screen!

Person 2: sorry i was born with a faisal, it's a condition.
by half shark alligator half man April 23, 2009
Faisal is the name of a terrible rogue on the gurubashi server on world of warcraft.
Faisal is awful at WoW.
by Otie July 19, 2006
Islamic for "dick".
1. That guy is a lying, coniving, self righteous faisal.

2. That faisal just sold me out.
by shambhala December 25, 2009
a tall loser, who thinks he is good looking. but, in reality is the exact opposite. a faisal is full of himself.
" that guy is a jack-ass.. he's a faisal"
by bird-dock January 25, 2009
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