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basically, it's the Mayberry of Rochester. The only stuff you can do here is a.) go to clawson's b.) go to "the coffee shop" c.) go bowlling d.) go see a movie/go to the mall. It's known for being snobby, but idk why b/c no one is really a snob. Oh, and the kids here are OCD about sports...if you don't play a sport, you are frowned upon.
Fairport, a small village in Rochester known for the saying "Once a Raider, Always a Raider"
by Whitnee July 10, 2008
a.k.a. Fair"pot" Unlimited supply of weed.
Where can I score weed, Bro?...... Dude,.....It's Fairport!
by POMBTTIAR July 24, 2011
A place populated almost purely by white people, who think that they're better than everyone else. The town of Rush-Henrietta is their rival.
oh my gosh look at all those white people in fairport
by hmmcool April 14, 2011
A suburb of Rochester, New York. Its a cool place.
That a-to-the-n-to-the-faggot-ass-douchebag has obviously never been to fairport before.

note: fuck you atothendizzle, you gay motherfucking prick
by Time89 December 22, 2004
aka. Fagport, town where a bunch of stuck up fags live
Who lives in Fagport(Fairport)? FAGS!!

by dfh September 03, 2007
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