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A place full of rich and white WASPS and some minorities who have more money than the Americans. The kids drive around town in their Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Range Rover wearing their Prada, Gucci, Armani or Polo.

There are more country clubs then you can count on one hand. The houses cost a ridiculous amount of money (if your house doesn't cost at least $2 million your poor). If you look for a house under $1 million dollar you will find a shack by the garbage dump.

All the rich dads either work in New York as an executive, own their own business or do some "finance". GE's top executives for some reason love to reside in this town.

If you happen to live on Sasco Hill Road you can declare yourself and/or your neighbors as having the most damn money in all of Fairfield & Westport because your house easily costs 8 figures (One house sold for nearly $25 million). Fairfield doesn't even light a candle to Greenwich. Welcome to Fairfield where high schools cost more then your college tuition, 16 year olds drive cars that the rest of America can't afford, families go on vacation all over the damn world and houses routinely sell in the 8 figure territory.
John is considered a regular Fairfield resident because he drives a BMW, Audi or Mercedes. His high school tuition costs more than a college education. He wears Polo shirts with the collar up. His family lives in a multimillion dollar mansion in Greenfield Hill or Sasco Hill Road and they take exotic trips around the world.
by Shantel October 12, 2005
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A South Western Sydney town. Fairfield (FF) is mostly populated by Assyrians, Asians, Lebos, Serbs, Polynesians, Spanish and most recently Sudanese people. FF is infamously known for its high street crime involving drugs, murders and stabbings. FF central business district primarily consists of two shopping centres (Neeta City & Fairfield Forum - both which are pretty shitty but handy if you dnt have a car).

The two most populated streets are Smart and Ware street however Fairfield dies out at about 5-6 pm and then 'The Cresent' (street where FF Railway station is located) is your only source of light in which the illigal gambling cafes or 'chaikhannas' and convinience stores stay open seemingly all night.

The main businesses that aligne the busy streets are as follows:
Tabacconist, Jewelry Store, Butcher, Chemist, Tobacconist, Jewelry Store, Butcher, Chemist ... Adult Shop

Be sure to visit the 'Chinese shops' during your stay (most of whom are probably not Chinese) as you can go in them for a laugh and come out with metal Australian dollar banks, cotton ear buds, bobby pins, scotch tape and fake mood rings.

Fairfield does pretty much suck but only people who live in Fairfield are allowed to say that. The people that need to point out that its a toilet are wannabe snobs who live 2 mins away somewhere in Smithfield.
FFresident1: haa cuzz, doesnt fairfield lick balls?

FFresident2: yeah but it isnt as shitty as auburn or granville
by Creamy-Goodness February 03, 2010
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Full of yuppies and WASPS. We figured it out once; 70% of the children our blonde. We're not as rich as Westport but we pretend we're as cool by buying all our clothes there. Some kids in Fairfield live in a section called Southport. They are richer than the kids in Westport. Then theres those kids who think they're ghetto even the cheapest house in this town costs a little more than half a million dollars. If you live here and live the lifestyle you're either going to go to an Ivy, Boston College, Loyalo, Villanova or somewhere else similar. Either your daddy is a lawyer, a doctor, in "finance", or sits on your couch all day because you inherited all your money. If you want to have friends do at least two of the five:
1) Drive a Lexus, Range Rover, or BMW while blasting Dave Matthews
2) Spend $100 on shirts with a little J zipper, an alligator, or a guy playing polo on them
3) Have keg parties at your mansion
4) Tell me where you buy your pot
5) Be neurotic about your grades and have a GPA 4.3 or higher
Kate* is very popular in Fairfield because she alternates between Lacoste and Ralph Lauren Polos while maintaining a 4.5 GPA and getting unbelievably wasted every weekend.

*This is the most common name in Fairfield. Kate is no one in particular.
by eastcoastganster October 05, 2005
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1)Fairfield, CA. the worst place to be stuck in...EVER.
2)Also known as Squarefield.
3)The mystical land of nothing to do.
Hey! I live in the hell-hole named Fairfield.
by Sir Held-here-against-my will January 16, 2007
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by M. Du May 06, 2005
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A suburb in the Western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.
I live in Fairfield 2165.
by Tygah Oner July 10, 2008
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Fairfield is by the, one of the better towns of connecticut. We love being located in the richest state...even though we don't get why it is. every other car is a jeep, which everyone is perfectly fine with. dave matthews, beer, and weed are lief styles here. although not everyone here is very wealthy the more of the rich people live in green field hill. we listen to the best music , and make sure it is known by blasting fucking loud out of our jeeps/bmw's. no other town has as much pride. there is nothing about this town that we would change.

the parking lot of fairfield warde high school is worth more then what everyone in the school staff makes yearly, combined.

oh and warde. warde, you're nice too.

although you may think nothing of fairfield, we can throw hug, kick ass parties and there are no cops to bust us.

"oh nice car, how long did you take you to save up ?"

"oh it took me about 10 minutes. i had to say 'daddy can i have that one? '"

"sure hunny"

fairfield is amazing.
by RICOOO August 05, 2006
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