FaCist oPPPpreSion.
look at the upper cased letters. if your from Northern VA youll know it says FCPS(Fairfax County Public Schools
That adminstartor is a Facist Oppressionist.
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
Top Definition
A county that is supposedly one of the richest in the COUNTRY, yet fails to administer doors to classrooms and bathroom stalls or textbooks that aren't at least 8 years old unless you were born in the right year.
We have cash, but screw the kids!
by Biteme November 16, 2004
BEST COUNTY EVER :D. Well, one of the best because the people, teachers, and everyone is generally nice. Pretty well-off county, and holidays are quite frequent :).
Person 1: Where do you live?
Person 2: Fairfax County, I go to Fairfax County Public Schools too.
Person 1: Niiice at least you get a good education =/.
Person 2: Yeah, Loudon County sucks balls.
by LOLSPAZZ1 March 27, 2011
where i go to school. i dont think its *that* bad......yeah school gets cancelled every time theres like, a half inch of snow (:P), but the education's pretty good. and i've gotten brand-new books every year since 1998. *shrug*
i heard FCPS isn't a bad school system.....but my school treats us all like preschoolers :P
by ~ August 06, 2004
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