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a russian jew town in northern nj. nothing to ever do. home to some of the funniest nd immature kids.. everyone smokes. home to radburn nd river road
Dave: lets go to river road in fair lawn and check out the russian store
Ivan: no, they smell really bad

Bob: lets go to the parking lot for a smoke
Rob: sure
by ............////,. October 14, 2007
37 52
as israel is to europe as is fair lawn is to the americas
brian: why is everyone migrating in the same direction?
adrian: cause its saturday in fair lawn
dan: im from franklin lakes
mikko: YEAA B**** YEAA
by smurfdigger October 20, 2007
25 48
Not as jewish as everyone from the town thinks. That's because the people who think it's so jewish are anti-semetic. The town itself is pretty all-american, consists of large amounts of Italians and Irish. There are plenty of jews, Israelis, Russians, but nobody likes them anyway. Send them back to Brooklyn where they belong!
Fair Lawn Guido: What nationality are you babe?
Fair Lawn Skeo: I'm Russian.
Fair Lawn Guido: Oh, so where in Russia are you from there?
Fair Lawn Skeo: Well I was born in Brooklyn.
by Gianni F March 07, 2008
32 61