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The state of being a complete failure, so much it is virtually a religion or way of life.
I completely suck at Halo, so I became a member of Failurism
#failurysm #fail #failure #fail at life #phail
by Capt. Knut September 14, 2008
I believe in failurism
Failurism has changed my life
by The Failurism Preacher February 05, 2016
The ability not to fail.
People are jealous of Thomas & Krisa's non failurism.
#fail #not #thomas #krisa #awesome
by BubbleBoi December 20, 2010
1) the act of failing
2) when someone screws you over
1) damn, i totally did a failurism on that test today

2) -hey did u hear what happened to lyle?

-No what?

-He had a failurism with his girlfriend
#test #passing #prick #dickwad #jack
by catracha4lyf May 27, 2009
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