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An adjective describing:

1: An idea so utterly stupid/hazardous that it must be done.

2: An idea of a friend's that is so incredibly stupid and will obviously end in embarrassment/injury that you have to watch it be acted out.

3: An action that is a failure of orgasmic proportions.
1: Dumbass guy: "dude, let's shoot some BB guns at these sodas we've been shaking all day."

Other dumbass:"That could be the most failgasmic thing I've ever heard gimmee some BBs"

2: Your buddy jeff: "hey bro im gonna ride this bobsled down 3 flights of stairs!"

You: "That Failosophy is so failgasmic that it would be criminal not to videotape it for my Youtube channel"

3:Something akin to getting expelled from Kindergarten.
by ArrogantAngel April 16, 2009
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