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You meant to type in Failblog on google just looking for a cheap laugh however, you made a typo and typed Failblob instead. You saw this urban dictionary page which made you curious so you clicked it. Surprise.
Alright, lets find some funny things. Google search, Failblob.
#failblog #failblob #misspelling #typo #memebase #trolling #comixed
by MrWildPants April 03, 2011
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A shapeless blob of human flesh that is just utterly, totally filled with fail. In fact, a failblob is so filled with fail, the person in question fails to realize they are failure personified. They think they are full of charm, full of good ideas, and full of win. But they're not. They are full of lard, full of shit, and full of fail.
Rob Ford is the ultimate failblob.
#rob #ford #mayor #toronto #fail #crack #drunk #alcoholic
by cynicalidealist April 08, 2014
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