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German word meaning run, ride or drive. It has no scatological reference in the German language.
Stupid Americans believe that fahrt is the same as fart, but it is not. Quit being stupid, Americans.
by wichita August 07, 2006
German word meaning "journey" but can have interesting effects when combined with other words (as the Germans are so good at doing).

Common sightings will be:

Fahrtplan - either a timetable or a menu including a lot of methane rich foods.

Extrafahrt - either an additional run of a bus or tram over part of a route or a particularly pungent anal emission.
See above
by George Icbar November 23, 2003
German for fart. (not really but i think its funny)
I shouted helga a tooheys, but then she fahrted, so i na na nukka nukkaed.
by yobbo April 25, 2003
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