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Fagundes (noun): -A really cool Portuguese kid.

-Fagundes is a really awesome kid or adult who isn't the ordinary. S/he is really out there and involved in the world. They love to try new things and express themselves.
-Almost always a strong individual, Fagundes' will always have a great sense of humor and if you respect them, they'll respect you. Guaranteed.
That Karin is such a cool character!

Yeah, she's a total Fagundes!
by JustSomeGuy110010110001 October 20, 2011
Used when you want to call someone a "fag" but in a sophisticated way.
Typically differentiates the 13-year-old-halo-player use of the "fag" insult from the early-20s-hipster more sophisticated use.
What do you mean you'd rather stick to long-island iced tea then drink Absynthe? Don't be such a fagundes.

Robbie's new nineties 300 dollar haircut makes him look like such a fagundes
by Xorlarrin14 September 09, 2013
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