1. A woman who seeks out gay men for sex. This creature goes beyond the fag hag which just wants to go shopping, and takes it to a whole other level. Delusions of conversion fog her vision. Silly faguar.

2. An older gay gentleman who prowls for younger men. Enough said.
She made sure she was wearing the latest style, driving the hottest car and wearing the best jewelry. This faguar knew how to draw in and hypnotize any gay man she laid her hands on.
by MrLaw August 30, 2008
Top Definition
Noun: An older gay gentlemen who prays on younger men. The gay version of a cougar.
That 50 year old guy just tried to pick up me! I'm less than half his age... wow, what a faguar.
by Paul Rivait January 10, 2006
Derogatory name for the Jacksonville Jaguars football club.

Jacksonville is a black hole for talent that sucks the life out of every NFL Sunday they 'play". The stadium is a relic from Knute Rockne's day and the fans all look like Earl from the NBC TV show...

The Jags just cant connect the dots.

Gotta good quarterback? Shucks yall we don't need no receivers. Got a great defensive line...shucks yall we don't need no decent corner backs...and on and on and on. When they finally get the formula right...they trade away the best pieces the very next year.

They suck so bad now they cant even sell seasons tickets.
Dude, did you catch the Faguars game on TV yesterday?

No , I was busy clipping my toenails, then I had to wash my hair...
by Gfeet September 22, 2009
The homosexual equivalent of a cougar. An older man who likes to flirt with or date much younger men.
Andy: Paul I think that older guy sitting over there sent us these drinks.
Paul: Looks like that faguar has the intentions of taking one of us home
by AValentine December 29, 2010
a. it is pretty much the gay version of a cougar (older gay that wants the love of a younger gay)
If Samantha from "Sex in the City" was gay man she would have been a faguar.
by Istoleit November 10, 2008
An older gay man who preys upon younger gay men. A male, gay version of a cougar.
That weathered man wants to buy you a drink.

Rawr, what a faguar!
by Fagus_grandifolia April 02, 2016
An older or 35+ homosexual who frequents clubs, bars, beaches and/or markets to score with a significantly younger man.
Did you see that hot faguar who bought me drinks last night? I think he has an AARP card. See: Cougar Manther Puma Cheetah
by Ferocilicious February 06, 2010
Faguar is commonly defined as a long haired homosexual mammal which derives off the Iranian descent. The Faguar can be found in your local apartment complex preying on younger mammals in attempts to engage in gay sex with it in the bunions
Hey man sorry i took so long i was in the stairs and this faguar offered me some brains so i was like im gonna fuck this nigga in the mouth
by pomnani September 05, 2010
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