usually used to describe lonely losers who carry big duffel bags and think they are cool but are actually fat nerds who go home and play with themselves
Ozmin is a major fagtron.
by usme May 10, 2005
epic beyond all measures. Now one might assume that fagtron is a derogatory remark but its quite the opposite. fag or f.a.g stands for "friken, awesome, gent" tron is in reference to "megatron" the most epic of all the trons in the transformers universe. So if someone calls you a fagtron they are in fact giving you a quite large compliment
i walked past this dude today he was a total "fagtron ". i wish i could be him.
by tronfag October 08, 2008
THE insult. A fagtron is a person who has so many negative qualities such as small genitalia, ugly features, a lack of brain matter, lack of pubic hair, and severely faggy personality traits like being annoying, touchy, loud, stupid, or lame.

fagtron: Hey guys. Star Wars sucks. I love Star Trek!
Cool kids who like star wars and get mad pussy: Dude, you're a fucking fagtron.
by TK the great January 07, 2007
like saying faggit but in a funnier way
you fagtron!!!
by karl October 08, 2003
I heard there is this thing that on new years day will detonate and turn the intire wolde gay. just like that guys will be sucking the cock and girls will eat the pussy and like it.
On new years the fagtron will explode and turn everyone gay
by Dan Weaver November 26, 2003
insult refferring to the insulted person/s as a loser. also used to refer the insulted person/s as a homosexual
"You nerdy fagtron!"
by Alloy Skull September 25, 2003
a computer nerd who masterbates fuiously daily to computer games. They tend to live in a different demention.
The aggregate brainpower of all the fagtrons is a scary thing. Especially because they have the internet.
by fo shizzle May 25, 2003

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