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Person acting so gay that it its only possible if that person is a robot programmed to act like a fag. Originated by Sam.
Holy crap, Jameel is a fagtron.
by Mark May 27, 2003
A person who is acting so gay that he can only be rivaled by robots who were created for the sole purpose of being gay. And even then their mastery of being a cock holster is one to be marvaled at.
Stop posting stupid messages you Fagtron!
by Gerald Duval, Compositeur February 05, 2003
A person who is or behaves as if he or she is a gay robot.
Reno is a very big fagtron.
by Zanderfielden May 20, 2008
The optimus prime of queers.
The gayest of all gays.
Ryan Dugger acts like a fagtron when he walks.
by Pine Forest April 01, 2011
(n.) A person who is so annoying and/or stupid as to resemble Fagtron, the mysterious and fabled computer built in 1918 by the Chinese. This primitive adding machine stood over fifty feet tall and filled an entire office building. It was well-known as the world's gayest and stupidest computer until its destruction in 1924, caused by an acute case of e-AIDS.
Did you hear Jim talking about his vacation in the breakroom? What a fagtron.
by Phileep July 05, 2005
1Anyone who exhibits properties of a sort of futuristic robot while also retaining a homosexual quality at the same time.
2A gay robot.
1Dude, stop hitting on that guy, you fagtron.
by Seamis Andy June 19, 2008
usually used to describe lonely losers who carry big duffel bags and think they are cool but are actually fat nerds who go home and play with themselves
Ozmin is a major fagtron.
by usme May 10, 2005
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