A very compact turd. As if a penis rams another's anal cavity, causing the shit to be nice and compact.
Man, I just took the biggest fag shit. Felt like a rock came out my ass.
by MiScreant February 03, 2012
Top Definition
Fagshit is used to describe a situation or set of actions. Most common use is to announce your departure of a location, or declare your discontent for the people, or things being done at the location.
Yo bro, I was at this party and the cops showed up. It was total fagshit.

Hey man, I heard you touched some other dudes balls. That's fagshit.

I was hanging out with some people at this club, but then they started this 80's dancing competition. So I just told them that it was total fagshit and peaced out.
by Greysticklol! September 23, 2009
ad. 1. That which is gay is fagshit.
2. Uncool acts
When the Cowboy narced on his friends to get out of a MIP, that was definately fagshit.
by Joe Cool December 09, 2003
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