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1) A Jewish mormon who is also a faggot.
Josh: PENNY!
Ryan: Damn, jewsh, penny pincher fag.
Josh: Shut the fack up!

Actual religion of josh: Mormon
Josh is a 'fagormonjew'
by Sieabah L. Park September 12, 2011
(n) To be a of faggot, Mormon, and Jewish origin.

Further explained: Being a fagormonjew is a very nasty combination that no one wants to be around. If you find yourself to be a faggot and mormon, who also has the urge to manage money like a jew; then there is some bad news for you.
Josh: Dude, I totally was thinking about doing that guy.
Dude: Fag.
Josh: Don't curse around me, it's vulgar.
Dude: You dropped a penny
Josh: FUCK! WHERE?!?
Dude: You are such a fagormonjew.
by Sieabah L. Park June 13, 2011
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