One who always has homosexual intercourse on their mind.
Hey terry....
oh fucking let it down you bloody great fagnut!
by Amano July 31, 2003
Top Definition
A term used by young hetrosexual men to imply that their friend is actually an outrageously camp homosexual.
"Nice shirt, fagnuts."
by Simon Drake May 12, 2006
A very homosexual person; see fagatron and ecks.
You fagnut! Put the anal plug away and let's go.
by Jim April 21, 2003
a stupiid fagget who seems to be a little nutted in the fucking head.;
guy: look at that fagnut:

gir: id like to fuck that fagnut:

guy: shut up whore.
by aaron god damn edwards July 15, 2010
1.someone who is being a douche or acting in a doucheness fashion.

2. Another name to call your good friend.
Nerd- Hey do you guys want to go to the science museum.

Homeboy- Shut up fag nuts, lets go get some of dat shiz from dat bitch on the corna.

2. Hey there fag nuts, whats good?
by that chubby kid over there July 18, 2009
A word used to flame someone and tell them that they're gay.
Hey, fagnuts. Get your ass fucked today?!
by BeanerRevolution June 25, 2010
(n./ adj.) a person who is unpopular and only has one testicale; a fag with one nut
Jamie Bowe is a fag nut.
by jack paster September 25, 2008
#1 When somebody annoys you so much that the word faggot just wont cut it anymore #2 A crazy faggot hence Fag-Nut .
Angry Black Guy: Get off my bitch Fag-Nut !

Wimpy White Kid: Yo she wuz on me wikea mo fo dog you hear me out yo?

Angry Black Guy: Get yo fuckin ass outta here fag-nut !

*Kicks White Guys ass*
by JuliiaMarie! March 16, 2010
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