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Its a popular slang phrase from east anglia meaning: Chino Fag. It originally came from the spanish term: el fagochinoz. Fagnos are the most annoying twats (apart from hipsters). Youll normally recognise them with their gayass superdry or topman chinos and their jell combed hair with some vans and holding hands with some ugly bitch/faggot.
Nihal: hahah fucking fagno
Fagno: hey bro my mum bought me this
Nihal: shut up and go back to sucking your boyfriends a-hole
Fagno: I shall with pleasure thank you very much
Nihal: fucking fagnos..
by hornyforsomeglory69 December 29, 2011
Urban term for a faggy indecissive bipolar male.
What a Fagno!
Wheres that Fagno!
Your a Fagno?
by mel June 30, 2004
Derogatory term used by persons who privately fantasize about someone of their own gender.
Hey fagno, what do you like, to suck cock? What? No! I don't play football to look at other guys shower naked! Shut up, fagno!
by punky June 30, 2004
Urban term for a faggy indecissive bipolar male.
That guys a Fagno!
by richard June 30, 2004

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