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fag mucher is a word for homo
if some one is acting gay, is annoying or just plain queer the word fag muncher will come in handy
hes such a fag muncher
by maddogg taylor May 08, 2006
1. Someone who is of the homosexual orientation and likes to munch on some cock
2. A profanity to use in substitution of words like 'douchebag' or 'idiot' inferring that they are homosexual
Oscar - Wow look at that guy over there..

James - Yeah what a fagmuncher.
by 69OSCAR69 July 23, 2010
A faggot who likes muching on food loudly. Most common fagmunchers much on carrots.
Bob: Hey take it easy on the carrots, fagmuncher!
by Johnbob Jones April 20, 2009
A fag who likes to talk mad shit and looks lik a fuking crackhead
Fag:*in gay voice*"Hey rey"
Rey:"WTF!! You fagmuncher"
Fag:"You hurt my feelings"
by JerseySupraSwag October 07, 2011