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"A hybrid of Fag and Homosexual to show a gay or stupid person"
1.Look at that fagmo!
by Master Astennu September 30, 2004
17 26
Faggot to the umpteenth power.

Someone who exudes homosexuality to such a degree, to simply designate them a "faggot" would be insulting to everyone in the faggot community worldwide.
Mr.FunSocks, Spoonmaster, Jaskalas and LordMongoose from are all fagmos.

Cover your buttox when you see them approach.
by OMGIPWNEDYUO July 12, 2003
164 66
fagget combined with homo
dude, stop being such a fagmo.
by douglas44 May 04, 2006
98 35
Slang. Fag and homo put together to make one word.
Your such a fag-mo George
by 3heilo November 06, 2006
15 11
The sexual orientation muppet which educates children on equality.
"Fagmo loves that hand up his ass."
by Hybrid-Homer February 26, 2004
44 44
The true name of the Emperium in the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. When broken during the War of Emperium (or War of Fagmo), a guild castle is taken over.
"Is this where the Fagmo is? ... Emperium, whatever."

"Our Fagmo is under attack!"
by Beast August 21, 2004
64 67
Fagmo is a word used synonymously with douche, twerp, or choch.

It has obvious roots in the derogatory term for homosexuals, faggot; however, it is speculated that this word was created to be used in the same context as the traditional fag, without as much of the stigma that comes along with using such a discriminatory term.
"Dude, you're such a fagmo."
"Cut it out, fagmo."
"Hey, fagmo, come over here."
by Bradleychochmaster September 21, 2004
18 25
cross between a faggot and a homo. Means that the person you're calling this shows EXTREME signs of being gay.
Stop grabbing my ass, fagmo!
by anonymous March 21, 2003
16 23