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People who are put in positions of power and abuse it by simply exercising their strange desires to wield whatever tiny and miniscule amount of power that has been granted to them as a temporary measure only.
Some occupations that are particularly prone to employing fagitors are media, any government job, local, state, or national. There is also traffic cop, judge, any politician who has been re-elected at least twi times, and so on.
Sam: That Charley puts himself about a whole lot, don't he. One of the highest ranking editors here. Sounds like a good guy to know.

Fred:Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, not a good idea to get close. He's out to get anybody no matter how much it costs, just put one toe over the line and see his pissy power.

Sam: Sounds like a fagitor.
Fred: A fagitor he is.
by never1cabbage April 06, 2010

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