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One's homosexual arse hole. Not to be confused with Vagina, as it is only used for the homosexual type.
When a man bends over for the soap in prison showers. One would say "OOO he has a nice Fagina"
by JJMac91 March 19, 2009
31 28
Fat Vagina. In other words - a large woman's genitals.
Dude, there ain't no hotties over here. There's nothing but fagina!
by Matt September 09, 2004
117 63
A boy who is questionably homosexual and who is also pussy. Fag + Vagina = Fagina
Ryan Pope is such a fagina.
by SproutALeaf March 31, 2009
62 41
A slang term for a wet snatch
Daniel Packham enjoys the smell of an old fagina
by Daniel Lewis( Squeegee) September 10, 2007
24 20
A gay man's asshole. Pronounced (fag-gina)
Bruce likes to take it in the fagina.
by PE12345 November 26, 2007
19 16
A pristine, well looked after, neat and tidy pussy that tastes better than suger
This girl i fucked on the weekend had the best looking fagina ive ever seen.
by Geks September 10, 2011
9 7
The pubic region of an overweight female where the fat in that area takes on the appearance in clothes of a huge vagina.
" did you see the size of her privates in those shorts?",
"i know, I could'nt stop myself from looking at that huge fagina."
by viccarry December 13, 2013
1 0