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A Homosexual transformer.
Mike : i know what transformer you will be!
Jay: What transformer?
Mike: Faggotron!!!
Jay: :/...
by OjMann April 14, 2011
49 13
One who is overwhelmingly annoying. Also see faggotron prime, faggotron big, and faggotron small.
I really wish that faggotron would shut his piehole.
by shorty February 03, 2003
107 37
n. a robot built purely by homosexual engineers, physicists, faggots, etc. that takes homosexuality to a whole new level.

syn. faggotronic, fagalagatron, fagasonic,homAsexual, sex in the science room, dave aFREAKiyan
Did you see the robot Dave AFREAKiyan FAGGOTRON!
by ANNA GOSSOWITZ January 23, 2009
69 29
An insult to someone you think homosexual. Faggotron is a homosexual Transformer who changes into a Toyota Prius when he is spurred into action. He has a romantic attachment to the Navy Transformer who denies having any connection to Faggotron even though the tell tale signs are there.
"Dude you're such a Faggotron."
"Faggotron Activate!"
by GuahahahaLarryJkHahaNotReally September 04, 2011
40 12
1. Somebody who is being super gay or annoying.

2. Somebody who prtends not to have money even though everybody knows they have money stashed somewhere.
When sean told us he had no money; even though he had hundreds in his ammo case; he was being such a faggotron.
by Alvaro Mikey Powers September 08, 2010
20 12
Not related to homosexuality in any way. Its a play on words using the legendary tron legacy movie. It simply defines someone who surpasses the absolute limits of mind numbing idiocracy and exhibits pathetic behavior to the point of being an idiot wrapped in a moron who has no ability to think for themselves n hence are a walking/talking robot therefore representing a legacy of retardedness as a definition of themselves.
Tom: he is such a faggot for doing this
Harry: he is so stupid i swear he has indeed now reached a faggotron level n will leave this legacy for all to remember him
by Mysid November 29, 2013
0 2
When you edit Final Fantasy video game footage with incredibly shitty music, such as the symphonic black metal band Cradle of Filth.
Buckshoty is a faggotron because he edits Final Fantasy video game footage with incredibly shitty music, such as the symphonic black metal band Cradle of Filth. Then he puts it on youtube. Also, his youtube profile name is Buckshoty.
by JoeMande June 11, 2007
25 60