Top Definition
well...whom ever thought of this word, is a moron.
I think My point is proved.
by BloodyEvening April 06, 2003
A word that has no true use in everyday life.
" Dave's word is awesome, but that Faggostish word has no point except to him"
by Dark Knight Mechanix July 20, 2003
Really really fucking gay
I have never seen someone take on that much cock, how faggotish.
by Dave February 24, 2003
how dyslexic 11 year-olds say faggotish.
dyslexic, crippled 11 year-old boy: that's so faggostish.
11 year-old boy: it's faggotish, loser.
anyone 70+: In my day, it was queerish.
by anon November 24, 2004
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