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1. A man with a sexual inclination towards other men, but still keeps the pretense of being attracted to women.

2. A characteristic attributed to all objects that are capable of flying under their own power.
1. Ricky Martin is faggosexual; I think that guy is checking me out, but he has a girlfriend... what a faggosexual.

(First recorded use: M.P., December 13, 2005)

2. Superman is faggosexual; Paper airplanes are NOT faggosexual.
by Cody,Jacob, Migel December 13, 2005
A simmple contraction of the words "Fag", and "Homosexual".
Holy crap! That faggosexual dude is wearing a thong!
Matt, you are such a faggosexual...
by Nick Z November 10, 2005
An extremely cool gay person (or "fag").

The term sounds offensive, so watch where you use it.
Jason one hell of a faggosexual.
by Arkansota November 19, 2013