Top Definition
Alternative when you've used the word Faggot too much
That guy has his belly button pierced, what a faggola
by Sundance Kid January 22, 2007
a gay slang word for fag. very gay. mainly used on someone of a gay status.
"wow that kid is a faggola"
"that was pretty faggola"
by Nick Cue November 16, 2007
A male homosexual; another term used in replacement of 'faggot.'
Look at the way our choir director walks. He's such a faggola.
by CIPianoMan November 07, 2005
a female version of a faggot
Chris : She's such a faggot!
Nate : I think so too..
Chris : Wait, scratch that. She's such a faggola!
Nate : I think so too..
by ezzapicasso October 10, 2008
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