To be treated disrespectfully by those close to you.
Mike totaly fagged me out when he didn't invite me to the party.
by kerry October 19, 2003
Top Definition
All worn out. Has been stretched so many times that it has lost all elasticity.
My favorite pair of sweatpants now fall down to my ankles because the elastic is all fagged out.
by asilva February 02, 2007
Tired, exhausted, physically exhausted.
Boy, I am fagged-out after unloading that truck!
by John Bontke December 05, 2003
When somebody you are intending to meet tells you that they can't make it.
You intend to meet someone for a drink, they email you the day before to tell you they can't make it for some reason or other - they have fagged out.
by Sexteta December 12, 2008
You can not get anymore gayer that means your beyond gay a new level of gayness
"A bro your so fagged out"
by Sgt. Mcpootle July 20, 2006
To wear gay symbols on clothing or jewelry, or to place gay symbols such as freedom rings, stickers, gay pride parade beads or bumbers stickers in/on your vehicle.

Rainbows Everywhere!!!
Have you seen Chris's car, she has it fagged-out.
by EJ February 23, 2004
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