Best friend
Tj is my Fage.
#best friend #buddy #close friend #dear friend #best man
by tas7793 November 11, 2010
Top Definition
Faging is when you shove your balls up your own ass or the ass of another to stretch your scrotum skin.
Oh man, I Faged that bitch last night and my scrotum hurts now
#shit #balls #ass #cum #salad
by Bitch-Cheese December 20, 2010
An uber fag, usually a person who thinks they are 1337 but everyone agrees, is not.
Holy shit you see those h4x, that guy's a fage.
#fag #noob #gay #faggot #butt sex
by Love the Ladies June 23, 2006
Mix of the words 'Fucking' and 'Ages'. Used to denote a long period of time.
There was so much traffic! It took me fages to get home.
#mix #fucking #ages #distance #length
by Crutchez! December 20, 2010
A word derived from Fage Greek Yogurt that describes an incredibly yogurt like person. Someone who doesn't dare to travel outside the pot but remain in a glutinous annoying state. They often study history because their bacteria live for generations in a sloppy half-hearted existence that culminates in complete pweenage (destruction) once their level of fagge-cyte has become unbearably high.

Warning- If someone encounters a Fage, it should be pweened upon discovery.
Look there is a little Fage in the corner. Lets pween him vehemently!
#fagget #foge #fuge #cactus #irritant
by Real Murcia May 29, 2013
1. Someone that uses fagic as his main form of attack.

2. Highest level of faggotry that can be attained.
Buster aka Brandon
by A straight guy January 07, 2004
Your profile page on facebook. Your facebook page.
She posted a link on my fage.
#facebook #page #profile #face #book #post #write #wall
by Halvijesimon February 06, 2010
-variant of fag
-an individual that is characterized by extreme ignorance, stupidity, and annoyance
"Shut up fage."
by Andy Gard & Justin Barclay February 08, 2003
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