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1.(noun) A person who is just a little too "touchy-feely"

2.(noun) A homosexual who obsesses over the rectal area and talks about his and others constantly.

3.(verb) When you place your bare ass onto someones face, dunking your scrotum in thir mouth while they are asleep and flatulating into their nose.
"Shut your face Fagbun"

"I just got Fagbunned"

"Dude you are such a Fagbun"

"That Fagbun gave me pinkeye"
by BillyBongHitzLOLYeahRight March 04, 2009
1) a firm, stubbly guardian of fashionable justice.

2) a snuggly benefactor of fabulous-smelling gluteal ambition.
a: "dude do you have any moisturizer?"
b: "you're such a cute little fagbuns."
by kagus christ December 06, 2004
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