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Person 1: Hit me up on myspace
Person 2: Fuck that, I don't have a fagbook.
by One Last Caress July 11, 2009
20 50
Code name for the website known as facebook. This term is usually used by people who oppose facebook (otherwise known as facehaters). The term is a derivation of the word fag in order to cause offence to those of whom use facebook (known as fagbookers).
Needless to say, there is a raging battle between the Fagbookers.
Fagbooker: Hey! I made a facebook! I was on it alllll night yesturday.
Facehater: Why dont you go fuck yourself and set it as your facegay status, you prick.
by Ooganden January 25, 2009
182 37
A contraction of the words faggot and facebook.

The facebook account of someone who uses it to get in serious arguements on facebook.
Tim: Did you friend Jake on facebook?

James: Naw, that kid's got a fagbook.
by slushyman March 27, 2009
37 33
The compilation of all terribly retarded and homosexual jokes.
used to make fun of somebody.
Where'd you get that one, the fag book?
by Sexyface Moore February 27, 2009
9 13