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Fagberry (pronounced / faaagberrie/ ) is a ritualistic device commonly used in mating rituals among the primate species of homo hoity-toity. The male (fag) usually shows it to the feemale (bitch) to distract from its puny penis. Reports have been made that the fagberry may also be used for flawless internet connection. This however was never conclusively proven.
Fag: "Hey! Check out my new fagberry. It´s got a trackball which is totally convenient and durable. Can´t wait to download some gay pornography with this..."

Normal person: "Fuck you, you imbecil! Never heard of an iPhone before, prick?!"
by Professor_D.Sanchez March 15, 2011
One of many annoying and/or stupid people.
You know that guy Danny? Yeah, hes such a fagberry.
by Nate of Fate February 11, 2009
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