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A man with the balls of a fag, a squidge balls if it were.
A soft and faggy ball, not to be confused with the canadian fagaballie .

rapes children on fridays for extra balls
ed balls ( fag balls )

chinian mc balls
ball ing
by roryagate January 15, 2011

Comes from, abusing the "Enter Your Name" Feature on a certain game in which you are a hero who has to save a princess in a place called Hyrule.
"Princess Zelda gets herself into a pickle and has to be un-pickled by the hero, who is called Link on the few occasions when I feel mature enough to not abuse the "Enter Your Name" Feature, and Fagballs at all other times." Zero Punctuation.
by P8nt November 13, 2007
A Fag ball is a Faggot whom is acting like they are trapped in a scrotum.
*Friend runs up to you and and yells*
Friend: HEY!
You: stop acting like a fagball
Friend: I'm not a fagball, he is.
*points over his shoulder to a poof trapped in a skin colour sleeping bag yelling for help (a fagball)*

See: faggot fag poof scrotum ball balls friend
by Not a fagball August 15, 2012
A person who is generally an ass.
Did fag balls ( Chief) tell you how long ago he ordered my shield?
by funnyguy3 July 15, 2009
The name given to a small creature who could be characterized as calm. Usually ends up being killed.
"You killed Toadsworth!" "YOU KILLED FAGBALLS!
by latias September 21, 2010
One who is a Fagballs
Greg, you fagballs.
by j------dawg March 22, 2010
Slang term for the sport field hockey. So said because the sport is said to exert some homosexual tendencies.
Sorry, I can't watch the game on Saturday because I have a fagball match.
by Michael Sleeman February 18, 2006