Megatron's younger sibling who was born without a megapenis and only the ability to transform into a metal flower. Because of his physical deformities fagatron was kept in the tron family basement for the majority of his childhood by his parents David and Gloria tron. After years of abuse and overshadowing from his older brother he broke out of the tron family's basement and started the "homosexual robotics foundation". After excessive interest from a number of gay roboticists and creepy middle aged men insisting upon 'test driving' the new models; Fagatron decided to rename the association "The foundation for homosexual robotic pride and acceptance". The foundation did well and Fagatron earned a substantial living as the president and was happy for the first time in his life. But fate shortly ripped that glimmer of hope away from him when his brother was murdered whilst trying to take over the world with an army of clones. It was later discovered that Optimus Prime was to blame for Megatron's death but he was never brought to justice. Fagatron became unable to cope with the loss and shortly ended his life by shooting himself with a blaster rifle in the butt.
hey! look! its...its...... FAGATRON!!!!!
by yoshka pundrik March 01, 2011
The combination of 3 or more penis's in a gay mans mouth, with its power combined, it creates a fag-a-tron.
A gay man named Rebel opens his mouth and yells,"Fag-A-Tron ASSEMBLE".
by Eric Lalicker August 30, 2007
A fat, ugly, pathetic school counselor, who enjoys ruining people's lives on a day to day basis.

She is also under the impression she is a psychiatrist, though she is very uneducated.

(The people who frequently visit Fagatron to complain about people are called Fagatron's army)
If you don't stop doing that I'll send you to Fagatron, and she'll sit on you, and you'll die!
by Major Superior February 01, 2011
1) Nebraska hardcore (or homocore) band

2) someone who is so fagtastic they must be a robot, because no human can fag that fast or that thoroughly.
I am mega bummed Fagatron broke up.

In high school I was a punching bag, when I got out I was a punching fag.

"Billy is a superfag. I mean, he hits more bottoms than a delivery doctor"
"yeah, he must be a fagatron, that is unhuman fuck power"

"You're house is uber fagtastic!!"
"Thanks, I try to be a fagatron!!"

by arwyntron May 04, 2008
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