For a man to lie on his back. Have his legs pulled over his head and shoot his own load in his face.
Brad took a Fagan after he did Looney in the ass!!
by Roger Weeks February 23, 2007
Top Definition
Fagan - Irish slang word meaning Penis.
How's your Fagan?
I've a pain in my Fagan with this crap.
by Blood January 07, 2005
When an erect penis touches a bare bent knee
Last night I took a chick home and I faganed her!
by WaxyThigh April 18, 2010
Laste name of Joey "The Lips" Fagan in the movie Commitments
Joey 'The Lips' Fagan: to Dean Are you doing what I told you? Are you thinking of that reed as a woman's nipple?
by MacRoars September 25, 2007
when food gets on you unexpectedly, really gross food
"dude whats that gross shit on you?"
"oh yea.. its ok man"
by hozezez February 22, 2008
To be a Fuck or a Douche
Jimmie came into the room only to stumble upon george drinking his last Dr. Pepper. " drank my last DP your being a complete Fagan."
by Ithitar May 14, 2006
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