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1. (Noun) A REAL location on our planet full of gay men.
2. (Verb) When two men in suits of armor have homo-sexual intercourse.
3. (Adjective) When someone is SUPER DUPER REALLY UBER GAY.
1. Hey! Let's journey to Fagalot today! Shall we?
2. We performed great Fagalot throughout the night prior to this day!
3. Dude, you are being so Fagalot.
by Sir Fagalot July 30, 2009
A fagalot is someone who cannot help but to touch any man that he can. He will go around high fiving people or grabbing people. Within 2 days of knowing him he should try to tounch your balls. If he does call 1800-fag-a-lot and they will help you.
guy1: omg byron just touched my balls
guy2: omg he has been high fiving everyone for days
guy1: we better call fagalot
by stinkfire October 31, 2007
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