A fag that tends to lag in the bedroom.
Hey Lambchop, you such a fag-a-lag in the bedroom. Oh don't look at me like that boyfriend!
by Jaa-wee-bo-wah October 25, 2006
Top Definition
A fag that is not only a queer, but a stupid queer
Nice haircut, Fagalag
by Sundance Kid February 09, 2007
A slow or retarded person or creature; An insult used against people with homosexual like tendancies, but not enough to make them homosexual.
Brian is such a fagalag with his transformers every night.
by pr0ph3t April 14, 2005
(n.)Someone who is gay, acts gay, or deserves to be gay; Used positively: someone who is gay and proud.
"You're such a fagalag."
by YaoiGod April 27, 2009

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