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A decor or style that's over the top with gay flair. This may pertain to home decor or ones wardrobe.
Jimmy Jazz: Damn, Raul's crib is done up fagadelic with the decor!

Ben Dover: Totally over the top gay for sure!
by Viggaron January 09, 2013
0 0
Overly gay to the point of being ridiculous.
"those assless pants are so fagadelic, dude"
by SBCC July 27, 2008
13 2
Something so gay it excites you beyond your expectations
San Fransisco was so fag-a-delic!
by Nathan Carrier October 20, 2006
14 6
Something that posseses a homosexual-like nature and/or appearance. Used in substitute of the word(s), "stupid", "gay", "retarded", or "lame".
"Sorry I didn't get your e-mail yesterday. My computer has been acting kind of fagadelic lately."
by AmanDERR May 02, 2006
7 14