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Overly gay to the point of being ridiculous.
"those assless pants are so fagadelic, dude"
by SBCC July 27, 2008
Something so gay it excites you beyond your expectations
San Fransisco was so fag-a-delic!
by Nathan Carrier October 20, 2006
A decor or style that's over the top with gay flair. This may pertain to home decor or ones wardrobe.
Jimmy Jazz: Damn, Raul's crib is done up fagadelic with the decor!

Ben Dover: Totally over the top gay for sure!
by Viggaron January 09, 2013
Something that posseses a homosexual-like nature and/or appearance. Used in substitute of the word(s), "stupid", "gay", "retarded", or "lame".
"Sorry I didn't get your e-mail yesterday. My computer has been acting kind of fagadelic lately."
by AmanDERR May 02, 2006

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