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A rave name given to a male. 'Fag' usually deriving from the fact that he is gay. The suffix 'achu' derives from the Pókemon Pikachu. The 'achu' can mean to say that the gay is as annoying as Pikachu, however, it is also said to mean that the male is as cool and 'rave-like' as Pikachu.
"Hey, that guy over there, what's his name?"
"Oh, thats Fagachu!"
"Heyya Fagachu...what's up?"
"Faga Faga!"
by Dougstazx March 04, 2009
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1. Someone who is not only gay but also is as annoying as the pokemon picachu. Usually discovered on voice chat while playing online video games. Hearing a fagachu speak creates the desire to choke them, much like the desire we all have to choke pikachu.

2. Hardcore MMORPG players who neglect basic civilized duties, such as showering, changing clothes, communicating face to face, and moving ones legs. Leaving the house only when the sun has gone down in they're cloak to feed off Taco Bell.
Holy crap, this fagachu with the rocket launcher is so annoying, I'm going to mute him.

Ralph is a fagachu now, I only see him at Taco Bell when he makes his midnight double decker runs.
by Randall Vance October 09, 2007
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