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A delicate dust collected from fag's pubes consisting of dried man semen and fecal particles. A diligent process performed by real fairies whom distribute it on sleeping homos eye lids
Hey Shartz you must have had a good sleep last nite

Shartz: Fo sho, how can you tell Bri?

Brian: Oh just by the amount of fag dust you have on your eyelids chode smoker!
by Fishbucky June 08, 2009
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Synonym for Methamphetamine Meth. Derived from chronic users of the drug who have become emaciated, have an androgynous appearance and act peculiar. Male addicts in particular frequently will act feminine and perform unnecessary domestic chores and repetitive tasks that accomplish nothing. See also Tweaker
"Hey did you see ______ cleaning his bathroom for 8 hours with a toothbrush?"

"Yeah, I think he's on Fag Dust"
by Tweakerhater February 07, 2012

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