A small pony tail that curls up and is often found on little kids.
Check out the fag tag on Brian C. Oh wait, that's too obvious, check out the fag tag on B. Catinus.
by Bill C March 16, 2004
The tag inside of a shirt indicating size, material, etc., SPECIFICALLY when it is flipped (accidentally) outside the shirt & showing.
"You always have a fag tag in that shirt, you should just cut the damn thing off."
by El Dwayne December 04, 2005
the act of professional wrestling or any other sort of male touching
"me and jimmy learned a new move in fag tag practice today"
by sd August 09, 2003
A game of tag played by a group of gay men.
Yo fag, me and my fag posse were playing fag tag at the fag beach all the faglong day.
by Big Ol Fag March 29, 2006
similar to a cock knock or cock punch, however in a fag tag one individual quickly and stiffly backhands another in the balls and immediate penile regions.
John fag tagged peter cuz he kneed him in the nuts
by Blake a.k.a Wolverine March 15, 2005
Crappy graffiti art spray painted on various skateparks or on city walls.
Usually uses one color and one consistant line.
Damn! Thats one ugly fag tag!
by Brendan McB January 30, 2004
A rollicking fun game, played by *hopefully* heterosexual males, in which one male performs an act mimicing gay sex or some similar act on another, and then calls the recipiant gay.
*Hump someone* -- "Fag! You're it!"
by W Engl September 17, 2003

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