A small pony tail that curls up and is often found on little kids.
Check out the fag tag on Brian C. Oh wait, that's too obvious, check out the fag tag on B. Catinus.
by Bill C March 16, 2004
When you tag someone with a grenade in Gears of War.
"Dude, John28194 keeps on Fag Tagging!"
by Standing Freddy February 28, 2007
when a pud combs his hair forward then flips up the bangs like all the movie stars(aka the ceasar)
my brother has a fag tag what a pud
by rtapittenridge May 17, 2007
in gears of war, to use a grenade and melee (B) and stick the grenade to an opponent. Used mostly by n00bs and people trying to obtain their Is it a Spider? achievement.
That's what u fucking get for fag tagging me you fucking newb, do it again I dare you.
by Seriously.... January 07, 2007
when usually males grab each others croch or ass
Vinny:pete will you and dave stop playing u fags.
Dave: shut up were just playing a game
by Bob Dylan April 15, 2005
Used to identify someone with a Huge Rat tail.
"Dude, cut ur fucking fag tag"

"Did u see the guy with the fag tag?"
by Lee February 07, 2005
When the tag that holds the size and lable of your shirt sticks on on to your neck to the extent which you look like un unkempt fag.
"Hey, you're fag tag is sticking out, let me put it back in for you"
by Brian Rose February 28, 2005
The locker loop on the outside/inside of a dress shirt. Very preppy.
"I need to cut off the fag tag on all my shirts from Brooks; they're itching me."
by ilhooq July 29, 2004

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