A small pony tail that curls up and is often found on little kids.
Check out the fag tag on Brian C. Oh wait, that's too obvious, check out the fag tag on B. Catinus.
by Bill C March 16, 2004
The action in which a frag (fragment) grenade is "tagged" or stuck to another person, resulting in a hellish explosion, and flaming body parts being flung in every direction, usually followed by cursing of the fagtaged. Mostly used in the Gears of War video game.
supacog00701: ha ha got you.

Mr.locust12: Fucking noob, Fucking fagtags are fucking cheap,
burn in hell!
by Teh Link April 01, 2007
To amass a big group of gays, lesbians and their friends and take over a traditionally straight venue.
Get ready for a big night out, we're going to Fag Tag the Superclub tonight.
by Sydney November 09, 2004
When two people of the same gender flirt with one another. Typically used amongst gay men.
"Dude! That waiter was totally playing fagtag with you."
by The-Frostiest-Of-Butts May 28, 2014
The flap on a fighter pilot's flight suit on the right shoulder which was made to cover the pencil/pen holders. It is customary to cut off the "fag tag" which allows the pilot to apply a small rectangular "pocket patch" on the now unused section of velcro.
Hey pudwacker, why don't you cut that fag tag off your bag.
by RBAAB March 25, 2007
WHen you have an earing on ur right ear; Implying that you are gay, or a fag
That guy is gay. Look at his fag Tag
by nick March 27, 2005
A small tatoo located on the lower back just above the buttocks. Usually a tribal symbol.Much like a "whore tag" however its on a man, or so called man, usauaaly on homosexual men.
Dude did you see Calsbeek's tatoo???? He got a fagtag!!!! Hes so gay!!!!
by Angel R. "Rey-Rey" April 14, 2007
a tag on a social networking site that confirms that a person is a homosexual. it is usually done without said person's knowledge.
Hey, did you see Matt's fag tag on facebook? There's a picture of him and "his baby". I don't think he's seen it yet!
by That0neGuy January 17, 2011
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