The tag inside of a shirt indicating size, material, etc., SPECIFICALLY when it is flipped (accidentally) outside the shirt & showing.
"You always have a fag tag in that shirt, you should just cut the damn thing off."
by El Dwayne December 04, 2005
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n. The Loop on the top of the back pleat on button-down shirts. AKA, ripcord.
Frank threw Fred to the ground by his Fag Tag.
by ALEXfromExeter July 25, 2005
The physical interaction between two heterosexual guys that borders on seeming homosexual to random bystanders.
Quit playing fag tag when we're in public! Are you gay or something?
by XYsX April 23, 2011
A small loop on the back of a mans's shirt between the shoulderblades at the top of the pleat.
Arnold is so unsure of his sexuality he snips the fag tag off the back of his shirts.
by altura January 17, 2004
The little loop on the back of a dress shirt.
As Jim walked by, I yanked on his fag tag.
by Reyl July 15, 2005
A lower-back tattoo on a man, i.e., the male equivalent of a tramp stamp.
Check out the fag tag on Jerome. I didn't realize he was gay.
by wordsmithinternational August 16, 2011
When two people of the same gender flirt with one another. Typically used amongst gay men.
"Dude! That waiter was totally playing fagtag with you."
by The-Frostiest-Of-Butts May 28, 2014
Any Xbox live gamertag which contains kisses (xX) or other letters used purely to decorate. Often used by clans, the cunts of Xbox live
XxXgenericgamertagXxX, OoFAGoO, xImACunt, xFagtagx
by Lions For Sale June 22, 2009

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