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The act of snagging a fag/friend to bring along wherever you may be going.
Emma: "Alright then if you don't want to go to the mall with just me fag snag somebody."

Grace: "Okay...let's fag snag Heather!"

Emma: "Awesome."
by Chemma January 06, 2009
When you find a seemingly meaningless fact about someone and are able to draw the conclusion they are homosexual from it.
chick: "Look at that guys bumper sticker! 'i <3 P-Town'. OMG i luvvv Provincetown !!

Me: "He's gay."

pedestrian crossing sidewalk: "FAG SNAG!"
by dam_Straight August 18, 2010
a fruity faggot who's emotional and likes to go dumb dumb.
Boy: Why are you so mean to me?
Boy: BEEEEZY!!!! SJFBHJ$%*#^@_o
Girl: It's out of love. Stop being a fagsnag.
by some dope chick December 12, 2006
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