( short for Fag Magnet) a woman who attracts gay males as friends. She does not seek out there friendships, they always find her.
I dont know why gay guys always come up to me, i must be a fag mag
by Meow February 18, 2004
Top Definition
any male or female that attracts gay males willingly or unwillingly.
Dude you always talk to al the good looking gay guys, your such a fag mag.
by limp1210 January 17, 2010
Akimbo .44 Magnums used in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
often accompanied by FMJ through the Bling Pro Perk
"DUDE I just pwned you with my Fag Mags!"

Noobs use Noob Tubes but real pros use Fag Mags!
by Fag Magster December 14, 2009
A female who has many gay friends and who attracts them easily without even trying. However, a Fag Mag is not to be confused with a Fag Hag. Fag Mags have an average/high self-esteem, get frequent ass, do not rely on their gay friends for self-reassurance/affirmation, and are truly a gay man on the inside.
Gurl, you actually like yourself and you get so much ass. There's NO way you're a Fag Hag. Oh my god, you're totally a Fag Mag!
by NYCRock July 14, 2010
A woman or man, usually heterosexual, who seems to be constantly surrounded by gays/lesbians; as opposed to a faghag, the fagmag in question doesn't particularly seek out gay people to socialize with, rather it's their personna that attracts the GLBTs to them.
Jones: Letty I can't believe it, that one's gay too?
Letty: Yeah, I know man, I don't know whats wrong man, I mean I don't care but wtf I need to get laid too ya know.
Jones: dude, your such a fagmag.
Letty: I know right
by punds November 21, 2007
a porno magazine about men, of men, and for men
Opposite the convenience store cashier's counter, there was a rack brimming with glossy smutrags and fagmags, their photoshopped coversluts posing suggestively in nothing but their touched up skin and flattering studio lighting.
by Fathom Twain April 08, 2007
On the faggot level ranking system, it is just above Faggola, and under Fagatron
You smell like cum, Fagmag
by Sundance Kid March 02, 2007
Someone who is not neccessarily gay, but attracts people of the same sex.
Why are gay dudes always trying to holla at you? You a Fag Mag
by Easy Breezy June 17, 2010

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