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Akimbo .44 Magnums used in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
often accompanied by FMJ through the Bling Pro Perk
"DUDE I just pwned you with my Fag Mags!"

Noobs use Noob Tubes but real pros use Fag Mags!
by Fag Magster December 14, 2009
14 5
any male or female that attracts gay males willingly or unwillingly.
Dude you always talk to al the good looking gay guys, your such a fag mag.
by limp1210 January 17, 2010
11 5
A female who has many gay friends and who attracts them easily without even trying. However, a Fag Mag is not to be confused with a Fag Hag. Fag Mags have an average/high self-esteem, get frequent ass, do not rely on their gay friends for self-reassurance/affirmation, and are truly a gay man on the inside.
Gurl, you actually like yourself and you get so much ass. There's NO way you're a Fag Hag. Oh my god, you're totally a Fag Mag!
by NYCRock July 14, 2010
5 3
A woman or man, usually heterosexual, who seems to be constantly surrounded by gays/lesbians; as opposed to a faghag, the fagmag in question doesn't particularly seek out gay people to socialize with, rather it's their personna that attracts the GLBTs to them.
Jones: Letty I can't believe it, that one's gay too?
Letty: Yeah, I know man, I don't know whats wrong man, I mean I don't care but wtf I need to get laid too ya know.
Jones: dude, your such a fagmag.
Letty: I know right
by punds November 21, 2007
2 2
a porno magazine about men, of men, and for men
Opposite the convenience store cashier's counter, there was a rack brimming with glossy smutrags and fagmags, their photoshopped coversluts posing suggestively in nothing but their touched up skin and flattering studio lighting.
by Fathom Twain April 08, 2007
1 1
On the faggot level ranking system, it is just above Faggola, and under Fagatron
You smell like cum, Fagmag
by Sundance Kid March 02, 2007
4 4
Someone who is not neccessarily gay, but attracts people of the same sex.
Why are gay dudes always trying to holla at you? You a Fag Mag
by Easy Breezy June 17, 2010
1 2