Does not like to look at naked females regardless of whether or not said female is real or fake or a combination of both.
xLostx: I rather not look at naked females I am a fag.
by Andrew Garver July 26, 2009
A homosexual in other word , A person name Rei.
That fucking faggot likes cock or That fucking Rei likes Cock
by Ownedson October 26, 2011
any person who plays call of duty and makes a video of them commentating on it.
There hundreds of these youtube videos of guys showing how to play call of duty. They are such fags.
by theskave September 04, 2011
British word for a cancer stick
Bob-would you like a fag?
Me-JEE thanks bob id love a fag
by maggot June 17, 2004
1. a weakling guy who is present in all social network site who likes to speak his mind yet when it comes to real world he can't even punch or fight.
2. a guy who is always with his girlfriend/s but obviously she's his best friend to whom he seek some advice.
3. a guy who often knows everything and he consider himself a geek but he fantasize about boys.
Dude, stop bashing him on Facebook, you're becoming a fag.
by RM renzybenzy Bulesco September 26, 2010
This term generally means Freaky Alien Genotype. It comes from Team Four Star's 'Dragon Ball Z Abridged'
Vegeta: That Freeza's a F.A.G.
Krillin: What?
Vegeta: Freaky Alien Genotype...
by KariLin July 24, 2011
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