the homophobic Nazi moron who keeps posting this:

"An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders."
It's no more funny to call a group of cyclists "fags" than it is to call them by the N-Word. So go fuck yourself, you racist, homophobic, Nazi pig.
by Formankop January 07, 2010
to be such an unoriginal and asinine nerd as to post an overheard TV joke about fags and Harley drivers on Urban Dictionary over & over.
The dumbfuck homophobe kept posting the TV joke about fags being Harley Drivers until a group of gay vigilante motorcyclists ran him over with their Harleys.
by Earwald January 07, 2010
to spam Urban Dictionary with hundreds of copies of a homophobic joke about Harley Riders being fags
The masses are sick of you posting the same tired fag joke you hear on South Park. Get a life.
by Ringwaldo January 07, 2010
to post & repost a homophobic joke heard on a mainstream, corporate cartoon
The fag joke isn't funny, even if you heard it on the big TV box.
by Lestroy January 28, 2010
1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with loser South Park nerds.

2. Anyone who posts a fag joke about Harley riders on Urban Dictionary.
Drooling on his keyboard, the middle aged loser living in his mom's basement repeatedly posted a fag joke he heard on a cartoon.
by Fleemandig January 09, 2010
to repeatedly post a TV joke on line that you heard on South Park
Calling a group of people "fags" isn't funny, even if the TV machine told you to laugh.
by enderlinhg January 25, 2010
any mindless corporate tool who post an old joke from a Viacom cartoon about "fags" being motorcycle ride
The loser South Park nerd flamed Urban Dictionary with posts about Harley riders being "fags". He was cheered on by Nazis & skinheads, but anyone with a brain was turned off by his stupidity.
by Treeblanc January 09, 2010
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