to repeatedly post a homophobic joke about Harley riders on the internet
"The TV machine told me me to put its fag joke on line. I am part of a big movement to make fun of a random group of people that I now think I don't like," said the lemming.
by Tootoile January 19, 2010
an extremely inconsiderate douche bag internet user who keeps posting an old fag joke from South Park on Urban Dictionary.
Get a life, you homophobic, Nazi, unoriginal "fag"-posting idiot.
by Tocklomitrodge January 12, 2010
the posting of a homophobic joke from a cartoon on to Urban Dictionary
It is really fag to call Harley Riders "fags," even if the TV box told you it was funny.
by tooterinptssete January 27, 2010
the repeated posting of a homophobic joke about Harley riders
People with no life & no originality post someone else's fag joke on Urban Dictionary over & over.
by Hookilonne January 15, 2010
Any homophobic idiot who sends the same unoriginal joke in to Urban Dictionary over & over again about Harley Riders
Noobs who spend their waking hours posting unoriginal fag jokes to Urban Dictionary and them voting them up over & over again should get a life.
by Drompooey January 08, 2010
the repeating of a lame TV joke about fags being Harley riders
The homophobic imbecile posted the old South Park fag joke over & over because he was an idiot.
by Hodgipie January 07, 2010
An extremely annoying, inconsiderate and unoriginal person who floods Urban Dictionary with a lame joke from South Park about Harley Riders.
Ruining a useful tool like Urban Dictionary just to spread a joke from a corporate TV show is extremely annoying and inconsiderate. And by the way, it's no less homophobic to use "fag" as a joke about people who ride motorcycles than it is to call any other group of people who are different from you "fags."
by DomDelouis January 04, 2010

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