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the posting of a homophobic joke from a cartoon on to Urban Dictionary
It is really fag to call Harley Riders "fags," even if the TV box told you it was funny.
by tooterinptssete January 27, 2010
an extremely inconsiderate douche bag internet user who keeps posting an old fag joke from South Park on Urban Dictionary.
Get a life, you homophobic, Nazi, unoriginal "fag"-posting idiot.
by Melvillian January 13, 2010
a homophobic South Park nerd who spends his time repeatedly posting the same stupid joke about Harley Riders to Urban Dictionary.
It would have been funny if you had just posted the South Park "fag" joke once - ha ha. But to bury all those other people's submissions in reiterations of the same post is just stupid. Or, more to the point, is "exremely annoying and inconsiderate."
by Plohdon January 04, 2010
1.) Term used to for player of Yugioh TCG.

2.) Used to describe a person you don't know, normally male

Plural: Fags) - People who you wish would go away; disappear

(Faggit is not applied in these cases.)
1.) Lets be fags. (lets play cards)

2.) Oh he a big fag. (Oh he is someone I don't know)

3.) They are fags (They are people I want to disappear; leave)
by Josh Owa Robbins April 07, 2007
to repeatedly post a homophobic joke from a cartoon as a definition of "fag," or to vote such a definition up at the expense of other, non-homophobic, definitions
It was exceedingly fag to inundate Urban Dictionary with redundant copies of the same, lame South Park joke
by trooisme January 27, 2010
1. a gay man
2. brit term for a cig
3. fast anal guy

1: Aaron you're a fucking gay fag
2: Jordie, can i bum a cig from ya mate?
by James Sharpe October 20, 2006
1 An extremely annoying, inconsideate person mostcommonly associated with harley riders.

2 A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley.
^^^South Park^^^

season 13 - episode 12
"The F Word"

F stands for Fag :P
by Not Christopher Not November 09, 2009