to post a homophobic joke on Urban Dictionary on behalf of a large media corporation
The dumbass kept posting the Harley "fag" joke because he had no original thoughts of his own.
by Fleerintropp January 22, 2010
1. to post a homophobic joke about Harley riders over & over

2. to think it's funny to post such a joke
The loser South Park nerd posted a fag joke he heard on TV. Because he had no life, he posted it hundreds of times. He was an idiot.
by Frleebocke January 13, 2010
to be a loser homophobe who posts the same South Park joke about fags over & over again
It's really disrespectful to bury other people's original definitions of fag with your stupid ass old joke you heard on TV.
by Reelock January 07, 2010
Freaking Awesome Guy

Freaking Awesome Gal

Freaking Awful Guy

Freaking Awful Gal: see bitch
Schoenemann is such a FAG...freaking awful guy.
by Brittney Sade March 31, 2006
to believe that one is on a glorious mission by posting a homophobic South Park joke to Urban Dictionary, when in actuality one is just a noobish loser.
The sad, pathetic, little man wasted his life trying to promote a TV joke about Harley riders being "fags."
by eeentrie January 23, 2010
an annoying & inconsiderate spammer who reposts a homophobic joke about Harley riders being fags.
fag jokes aren't funny, even if you heard them on TV
by hackakah January 13, 2010
an extremely obnoxious and inconsiderate noob who posts the same tired, old homophobic joke about fags and Harley riders over & over again on Urban Dictionary.
The "fag" jokes aren't funny; they are actually offensive to some and stupid to all. Quit ruining the usefulness of Urban Dictionary by spreading your boring ego all over.
by Trododgian January 09, 2010

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